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We Are The Experts In Grain Valley For Geothermal Energy

We here at ECS Geothermal have been installing geothermal systems since 1993! Not only are we the largest geothermal contractor in Kansas City, we’re the ONLY dedicated geothermal company in the area. Geothermal heating & cooling is all we do.

We’re also a certified WaterFurnace Dealer, who are the #1 manufacturer of geothermal systems nationwide. This enables us to install the leading geothermal technology into your home. We’ll make sure it’s a seamless process for you and that you are nothing but thrilled with your new unit.

As a matter of fact, the average home we install a unit in has their average utility bill reduced to $55/mo. If you feel you’re interested in a geothermal unit, by all means, get in touch, and we’ll figure out your custom geothermal installation plan.

We Offer Repair On All Types Of Geothermal Systems In Smithville

ECS Geothermal is Smithville’s most experienced geothermal provider. We are proud to offer top-tier service on every type of geothermal unit. Because all we do is geothermal, we’re the best you can get. We’re here to protect your investment.

Our geothermal service technicians receive continual training to ensure they are always ahead of the game and on top of the best ways to protect & repair your unit. We currently service over 3,000 Geothermal Systems in the Kansas City Area. These include:

  • Repair of your geothermal unit – we work on every kind of geothermal heat pump
  • Repair or installation of your thermostat
  • Geothermal system maintenance (replacement of air filters & coils etc.)
  • Preventative maintenance inspections – LEARN MORE

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Geothermal Systems Have A Long Life Span & Low Maintenance

A geothermal heat pump or grounds source heat pump could save you $1000’s per year by using energy put in the earth from the sun. Geothermal heat pumps use a loop system of pipes with liquid to transfer heat from your home into the ground & vice versa. Geothermal energy is simply heating & cooling with dirt. As a result, these systems work reliably & efficiently all year round.

Because these systems are so efficient, they don’t have to work as hard as a traditional AC unit. As a result, they last far longer and don’t require as much maintenance. This is especially true in a place like Smithville, where traditional A/C units are worked very hard due to a highly variant climate.

Geothermal Heating & Cooling – The Most Efficient Home System You Can Buy In Grain Valley


Geothermal units are so far superior to home they save the average homeowner who buys them in the Grain Valley area saves $10,000+ over the lifetime of the unit. One other thing to consider is: the larger your home is the more you will save. Because geothermal units make more use out of each kWh of electricity you use, the more you use over the life of the unit the more you will save.

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Local Incentives In Grain Valley that Save You Even More

There are many local incentives for installing a Geothermal unit. Specifically, there are rebates in the Lawrence area for up to $1000 off your unit.

You also have tax credits for 26% of your geothermal unit’s cost through the end of 2022, and 22% until the end of to 2023!

Best equipment, best service and best people. They did a great job on the initial install. Very professional, very knowledgeable, and very prompt with only the best equipment available . Had them come and service the unit and was handled with same level of professionalism with same day service with no down time and under warranty. Couldn’t ask for more.

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Local Incentives For Geothermal Installation – Smithville

There are many local incentives for installing a Geothermal unit. Specifically, there are rebates in the Smithville area for up to $1000 off your geothermal unit!

Not to mention Platte Clay Electric will offer you a discount on your KwH pricing, which permanently saves you money on your electricity. You can also search this database for your for more details.

ECS Geothermal Is Grain Valley’s Largest & Only Dedicated Geothermal Contractor

ECS Geothermal is the only geothermal contractor in Grain Valley with 25+ years experience. Geothermal systems can be difficult to install because they need to work with all aspects of your home, especially the duct work.

Each home is unique, and needs the touch of an experienced contractor to ensure everything is done right so your new system can save you the most money possible.

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