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Anthony Barber
4 days ago

Got a new geothermal system installed in early October '23. It was replacing two very old units, one heat pump, one ac and two aging furnaces. Worked out to do a single 6 ton Water Furnace unit. Warning: it will destroy your yard, but they told us it would. Looked like a mountain range when it was done, but as they said the mounds came down with rain. The ECS team was very courteous, knowledgeable and professional. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the system and what they were doing along the way. It was quite the transformation from the dual system to one unit, but it works seamlessly. The system itself is phenomenal. Our bills have dropped considerably and the house is very comfortable. It's also very quiet compared to the old system. We had a minor issue with the deep freeze the following January, but I called and they were able to get someone out that day to fix the issue for us in a few minutes. If you're on the fence, give it a go. You definitely won't be sorry.

john schmader
9 months ago

Great company to work with. Honest, reliable, and competent. Quality service, knowledgeable workers and staff: a company one can trust in to do it right to standards the first time. Highly recommend them to all.

Brian Neal
9 months ago

They actually do what they say! They showed up everytime they said they would. Installed a ground source heat pump. Clint was very good at answering all my questions and exceeding expectations. They subcontract the drilling and let me tell you, those guys will mess up your yard! I'll have to fix my yard when it settles but in the meantime I'll enjoy some low electric bills for years to come. ECS has great guys that do the installs and are very professional from the top down, highly reccomend!

Great people and service

The A/C went out on our geothermal system on a 100 degree Friday afternoon. We tried what we could to troubleshoot with no luck and after an 85 degree night I called ECS at 5:55 am Saturday morning expecting to leave a message and wait for a return call. Much to my surprise, the on-call tech answered the phone! He was at our house by 7:00 am, quickly determined the problem and showed me additional troubleshooting for the future. Thank you ECS - you saved our weekend with guests arriving later in the day!

Sterling Card
a year ago

Professional, competent, and conscientious. They showed up when no one else was available. I’m so grateful to these guys. I would gladly work with them again.

Kate M
2 years ago

T Vece
2 years ago

They were very helpful listening to the problem I had and giving me a solution on the phone before coming out for a service call.

Jeff Hoelscher
2 years ago

Geothermal Julie and Clint were great to deal with from concept to completed heating and cooling system. I cannot recommend ECS Geothermal more. Clint was very responsive and easy to work with when changes had to be made because of the location of water and sewer pipes around my house. ECS Geothermal embodies "service after the sale" as well. When we had questions or needed filters for the system, Julie was very helpful and easy to work with. I now have a reliable and efficient home heating and cooling system that will last a long long time. Thanks again.

kevin day
3 years ago

I am an Insurance Agent based out of Springfield MO. One of my Insureds had some work done with this company and To save them some money on their Home Owners insurance we needed to get the contractor to sign a quick simple form. You would think this would be easy to do but most all companies I send these too fight us tooth and nail and take well over a week to respond. The lady, Pam, I spoke with was quick and polite. She had this back to me within minutes of me sending it to her. This tells me everything i need to know about the customer service quality of this company. Not to mention their work looked amazing in the photo's and my Insured said they were absolutely AMAZING!

Jared Starkey
4 years ago

Chris at ECS Geothermal has been absolutely amazing to work with - easily one of the most understanding professional folks I've dealt with!

Brian Anderson
6 years ago

Great company to work with... very knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive. Highly recommended.

Fred Schwab
4 years ago

They had what I needed. Service was fast

Angela Augur
4 years ago

Great service, very pleased!

Lindsay Guffey
5 years ago

Randi Kingman
4 years ago

Great company to work with during installation. Once problems arrive they are nowhere to be found. Do not return calls, emails or messages.

John Smith
3 years ago

After accepting a price for installation on my new home the company only installed ventilation for a few areas. When I questioned them about areas where no vents were installed based on future plans that existed in the blueprint, they said that they didn’t plan for it and I would need to upgrade the unit and duct work. There were other things that were upsetting like the fact that they started the units without putting in air filters and when I called their office, the now, owner of the company said that would be an additional cost. The owner who took over after her husband’s tragic death has since become an up seller trying to squeeze every dollar out of her customers. I was already upset that they installed a unit that was not sufficient but more upset when the unit had to have the refrigerant charged within the first 8 months of the installation. It was completely crazy that $35,000 only got me a 6 month warranty on the new Water Furnace units they installed. So this became a yearly ordeal and they blamed the manufacturers for poor workmanship. They offered to replace parts and said that they had approval for reduced prices from Water Furnace. Therefore I agreed and paid for new parts only to end up in the same place I was, having refrigerant installed yearly. After 7 years of trying to work with ECS I decided to call Water Furnace and inquire about the problems I had and if they might have any solutions to the unit that ECS installed. I was quite shocked when they said that there were no notes on my registered unit. And that they hadn’t spoken with ECS about any issues I have had in the past. That’s when I decided to find a new service company. It was the best thing that I could have done. We are replacing the unit and installing a different brand that places it’s wiring and controls above the coils. My Water Furnace would continually freeze up and the ice would melt down onto the wires and controls which would create more damage. I’m sorry this was such a long post but you deserve the unreserved truth. So when the owner tries to post another discrediting post please understand that she can’t blame everything I went through on others incompetence. I wish I too would have held out payment for faulty or incomplete work.

Uncle Fred
4 years ago

Be very leary.

Best equipment, best service and best people. They did a great job on the initial install. Very professional, very knowledgeable, and very prompt with only the best equipment available . Had them come and service the unit and was handled with same level of professionalism with same day service with no down time and under warranty. Couldn’t ask for more.

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