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There aren’t many drawbacks to installing a geothermal heat pump in your home. First of all, they are eco-friendly, comfortable, and more long-lasting than most traditional A/C systems. Especially if you have a larger home, you’re going to see a drastic reduction in utility bills. Because of the unbelievable efficiency of these systems and the use of the clean energy beneath your feet, you’re going to be glad you installed one for your home. However, the upfront cost is higher than most other traditional systems. Here’s why:

Geothermal Heat Pump Cost:

There are three main parts to geothermal heat pump cost:

  • The energy supply system
  • The heat pump
  • The energy distribution system

The cost of the heat pump and energy distribution system is the same as most conventional heating and cooling systems. The difference comes in with the energy supply system, a.k.a. the ground loop. The complexity and workload that comes with the ground loop system are more than that of other heating and cooling systems.

Geothermal installation heating & cooling

Geothermal Installation

Geothermal energy supply sources are a lot of work to get into the ground. Depending on the installation method, you may have to dig up to 600ft underground! Not to mention, there are materials and the installation to put those materials into the ground. It depends on your energy supply source and what kind of home you have. If you want a detailed quote, you’ll need to get in touch with us so we can get you an exact price.

The Good News!

Geothermal heat pumps will always pay you back over time. Because of the high quality and efficiency of the systems, by the time you need to replace your system, the average homeowner will have made $16,000 on their investment! Call us to learn more about what we can do for you.

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