Geothermal Takes The Energy From The Earth To Your Home, Or Vice Versa. Today, You’re Going to Learn How This Process Begins.

Geothermal can be confusing & intimidating to understand. The process, however, can be broken down quite simply. Really, all you need is the right presentation. To this end, we’re here to show you that, and tell you what geothermal installation is really all about. It’s important to understand before you continue reading that geothermal units are actually called ground source heat pumps. This is, as the name so implies, because it acquires its energy from the ground.

First, We Dig A Hole For The Heat Pump’s Pipes

We know, this is simply shocking. You need to dig a hole in order to get something from the ground? Who would have thought right?  Well, we do that. The trench varies in depth based on the type of pipe layout you have. This is dependent upon the type of system we are installing. They can go horizontal, vertical, or be drilled into a water source as shown below:

Next, We Install The Geothermal Piping

The type of layout depends on your land. You can see above for the layout design. Typically there is about 7 feet separating the vertical layout pipes We use a type of piping called high density polyethylene piping. We use this kind of pipe because it so durable. In fact, it is the material used for corrosion resistant piping as well. Click here if you want to learn more about this piping & see for yourself!

Third: We Install Your Geothermal System

This is the most important element of the install, the geothermal unit itself! A top tier example is the unit to the right here! This is the 7 Series 700A11, the world’s most energy-efficient heating & cooling system. It’s 30% more efficient than even other geothermal systems.

Though this is the most important part of the geothermal installation, even though it takes the least amount of time. Time can vary based on ventilation system. Of course, if you’re building a home this won’t be an issue. We can even design the ventilation system for you! After you have the unit hooked up we connect it to the underground loop we’ve created!

How Geothermal Systems Work

There is a reason geothermal is the most energy efficient system on the planet. It even outperforms even solar energy. You can check out our previous blog on this phenomenon here.

The reason is that our units pull power from the solar energy provided to the planet by the sun. Most of this energy is stored in the ground.

Geothermal installation heating & cooling

How Geothermal Heating & Cooling Works

The geothermal system works by exchanging the energy in your home’s air with the loop system underground. The water in the loops can do two things. One option is to dissipate the energy into the ground. Conversely the energy in the ground can be moved up and forced into your ventilation system.

What Your System Does

Your geothermal system’s job is simple. It is to monitor the exchange of energy between the air in your home & the ground loop system. Of course, this is actually a massively complex job. But, for the purposes of your understanding, it comes down to a few things.

These includes monitoring the temperature of the water and the air. Also, it ensures no extra energy is being used where it shouldn’t be. Generally speaking, this is where most of the energy savings comes from.

How ECS Geothermal Can Help You

Would you like to experience the comfort & energy savings of a geothermal unit? We can help you with any questions or needs you may have about geothermal installation. Feel free to reach out! We are a local, family owned company who is more than happy to get on the phone with you!

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