Geothermal heat pumps are, in fact, one of the most eco friendly ways to heat & cool your home. In some environments, they far outperform even solar energy. In order to understand this, you first need to understand how geothermal energy can benefit your home.

Why Geothermal Heat Pumps Are So Efficient

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Geothermal energy is so efficient because its source of energy is remarkably stable. You see, no matter the power source, you ultimately need what you call a “base load” power source. The purpose of a base load power source is to provide the energy for the power supply to be constant.

Geothermal energy is the only green energy that has a consistent source: the solar energy stored in the earth itself. In summation, geothermal energy works by taking energy to & from the ground and delivering it in your home.

Because the underground temperature ranges from 55-70 year-round, the system barely has to work in order to provide the needed heating & cooling for your home. That’s why, in some environments, geothermal energy is the most efficient energy you can use.

Eliminate The Use Of Propane or Natural Gas and Reduce Electricity Use & Inrease Air Quality

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Because of geothermal’s incredible efficiency, it can be used as the only power source for your home’s heating & cooling. That means no more ugly propane tanks, much lower energy bills, a more evenly heated home (forget cold basements and hot attics), and also a much quieter system. Not to mention, because you aren’t burning any fuel the air quality with geothermal systems is much better.

Reduce Waste Through Long Lasting Materials

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We build geothermal units with loop systems, which are high-quality plastic pipes buried in the ground. Using an antifreeze solution, they form a sealed heat transfer system rivaling the life of the home itself.

Not to mention operational costs are often much lower than traditional AC units.

Net Neutral Power Source

There are zero carbon emissions associated with geothermal heat pumps at your home. That makes them one of the best tools to bring us closer to net neutral neighborhoods. Also, these systems greatly complement any other green energy source you bring into the home, making it your easy go-to eco friendly choice!

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