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Changing from one heating system to another is commonly called “retrofitting.” Usually, geothermal contractors perform this type of installation in a home with a less efficient heating system such as oil, wood, gas, propane, or electric baseboards.

Generally, these homes will have higher utility bills prompting the owners to look for a heating solution that will lower their costs. Here’s why geothermal is the right solution for you:

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Geothermal Heat Pump Installations Are Simple

While using a gas furnace, propane, or other more traditional A/C systems, you’re probably using forced air ductwork. With geothermal, you have far more options. Most likely, you will use a liquid-to-air heat pump.

Not only is this a more efficient heating system, but it will also have the ability to heat your water! It’s also very convenient because these types of geothermal heat pumps use very similar ductwork, so only minor if any modifications will be needed, saving you time & money.


Low Maintenance

Geothermal heat pumps require much less maintenance than traditional heating systems. Outside of air filter changes, they are super easy to run. The only thing needed to run these systems is the electricity that runs to the heat pump. That means never having to worry about buying fuel, putting away wood, or keeping the furnace stoked again.

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Consistent & Immediate Cost Savings

Geothermal is hands down the best way to lower your utility bills immediately, especially if you have a larger home. The average heat bill for any homeowner in Kansas & Missouri is only $55/month!

Generally speaking, the average homeowner ends up making about $70,000 back on their geothermal system with the WaterFurnace units we install!

You can also check out your local incentives here. Often your electric company will offer some co-op because geothermal systems are so much easier on the power grid due to their high level of efficiency. This makes things easier on your power company, so they will tend to make things easier on you in return.

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Upgrade The Quality Of Heat In Your Home With Geothermal

Geothermal heat pumps provide clean heat in your home and help the environment as well as your wallet. It also distributes the heat more evenly throughout your home due to the higher air volume that comes from geothermal systems, which means no hot or cold spots for you.

If you’re ready to enjoy a more comfortable home with lower heating & cooling bills, give us a call today!

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