The following section includes the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) since ownership of a geothermal system is quite different than ordinary systems. We’ve included operating tips as well as information on how to get the best results in comfort, savings, and reliability. We want your geothermal ownership experience to be something that you’ll enjoy and benefit from for many years.

What about my thermostat operation?

Your unit is controlled by one or more thermostats. Thermostats sense the temperature in the room in which they are located, and determine the mode of the unit (heating or cooling) and control the duration of the cycle. WaterFurnace offers a variety of thermostats, and while each one operates on the same principle their settings, buttons and commands are different. For more information on the thermostats offered by WaterFurnace, visit:

What do I do in case of a power failure?

Don’t worry. Today’s electronic thermostats employ the latest developments in solid-state technology. Most electronic thermostats do not require a battery in order to maintain your selected set points in the event of a power loss. The thermostat memory is unaffected by power failures of any duration. When power is restored, the thermostat will continue operating as if the power had never been interrupted. However, there will be no heating or cooling during the outage.

What if my unit stops working?

Your unit has been equipped with a variety of self-protection devices and controls. Should you suspect that heating or cooling operation has ceased, look at the thermostat to see if the unit lockout indicator light is illuminated. If the lockout indicator light is illuminated, see the section on resetting the unit.

What about regular service?

Your system requires little regular maintenance. However, once a year or so, have the unit inspected by your dealer. They will check the unit’s performance and make sure that your unit is heating and cooling at its peak performance level. If your system is using a well as its water supply, your unit may need periodic cleaning to remove mineral deposits.

What kind of safety controls does my unit have?

Your WaterFurnace unit is equipped with safety controls that are designed to protect the unit in case of improper airflow, water flow or refrigerant charge. These safety controls should not be bypassed. Doing so may void the warranty.

What about humidity control?

Geothermal units do an excellent job of removing humidity during cooling. This results in better comfort. However, during heating (depending on your home and outdoor air temperatures) you may experience the effects of having too little humidity indoors. This is not the fault of the unit—it does not remove any humidity during heating (unlike a gas furnace). In the event that your home does not maintain optimum indoor humidity levels of 40-50% relative humidity during the heating season, you may benefit from using a whole house humidifier integrated into your system.


Make Sure Your Are Ready by Scheduling a Preventative Maintenance Service.

Our preventative maintenance inspection package (PMI’s) is all about making sure your system keeps running as smoothly as the day you got it. It allows our technicians to review your unit to confirm that your geothermal unit is still operating optimally. We check things such as refrigerant pressures, loop pressure, temperature, the heat of extraction & rejection, amp draw, the hot water pump, strip heater, air coil, condensate drain, & more.

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