good news!

We are still open! As an essential business (COVID-19 Executive Order No. 8) that provides heating, cooling, and sheet metal material to residences and other essential businesses, ECS Geothermal Inc. will remain open during this time and be performing all its functions.

We want you to understand your safety is our top priority, and we know it is our responsibility to continue to provide our products while maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. We will continue to enforce social distancing in the workplace and provide opportunities for remote work whenever we can. We will also require anyone that may have had likely exposure to COVID-19 to stay home.

stay consistent

Geothermal Will Stay Consistent For You

We know these are very uncertain times. However, we can guarantee that geothermal will remain consistent for you. The earth’s temperature will remain constant as it always has. That, combined with our state of the art equipment, will continue to lower heating and cooling costs. The energy costs are going to keep rising, so the sooner you invest in geothermal, the better off you are going to be. No matter what, it will always be an investment that will save you money.

thank you

We Are Happy To Have You With Us

We want to take this time to thank all of our customers for choosing ECS Geothermal, and to remind you to reach out if you need anything. If you’re interested in getting a geothermal unit in your home, we can still do that! We’d be happy to help you lock in the savings for years to come.

We wish you & your family all the best during these uncertain times.

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