Every Geothermal System needs Maintenance in the Spring

Here are just a couple of things to check on your geothermal system this spring:


Replace Your Filter

New air filters enable effective air circulation throughout all rooms. Replacing the air filters also averts sudden mechanical malfunction.
Contact us to get the correct filter ordered for your unit, or just ORDER HERE if you know your filter size.
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Clean your Condensation Line and Drain Pan

Make sure your Condensation line by checking for any obstructions.
Water dripping into the drain pan is normal; however, the drain hole (or drain hose) may become clogged.
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Too busy or unsure of what should be done? Take advantage of a professional service call from ECS Geothermal.

Our preventative maintenance inspection package (PMI’s) is all about making sure your system keeps running as smoothly as the day you got it. It allows our technicians to review your unit to confirm that your geothermal unit is still operating optimally. We check things such as refrigerant pressures, loop pressure, temperature, the heat of extraction & rejection, amp draw, the hot water pump, strip heater, air coil, condensate drain, & more.

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Remember! The 30% tax credit for geothermal heat pump installations was extended through 2032 and can be retroactively applied to installations “placed in service” on January 1, 2022 or later.

Extended Tax Credit National

*Disclaimer: Statements above are being finalized by the federal government and are subject to change and interpretation. To understand what you qualify for, please see your tax professional.



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