Welcome To The New Year & Let’s Bring Some Environmental Cheer! Here Is Some Of The Best Environmental News Of 2018!

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We at ECS Geothermal would like to ring in the new year with some of the not often heard good environmental news of last year. Progress is being made out there, believe it or not! Let’s talk about that news here. New year new cheer right? Here’s a list of news that will make you smile & have a little more hope for the coming year & years after:

  1. Reduced Plastic Use & Recycling:

  2. Ocean Systems

    • The world’s second largest coral reef was removed from the endangered places list. Thanks to Dr. David Vaughan’s groundbreaking discovery, we can expect hope for many reefs in the future. The good doctor discovered a way to make coral grow 40 times faster than in the wild!

    • The UK also placed a ban on micro-bead usage in cosmetics. These little things are terrible for nature in quite a few ways. The worlds largest shipping company also committed to becoming 100% renewable over the next few decades! This is great news for shipping vessels & the environment.

  3. Land Preservation

    • Legislation is being passed all over the world to preserve more & more wildlife. There are also many companies taking tree planting initiatives. China has plans to plant forests the size of Ireland. A 20 year old from Germany has been planting trees since he was 9 & has helped plant 1 million trees total! He & the organization he created have plans to plant 1 trillion more!

  4. Renewable Energy

So, as you can see, there are plenty of reasons to be enthusiastic for 2019 & the years ahead! We are making progress, and we are listening when the climate scientists speak!

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How ECS Geothermal Can Help You Go Green

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