You might think geothermal & solar energy are at odds, but they actually can work wonderfully together. In fact, they work better together than separate. So, you might be wondering, “how does this work?” Don’t worry; we’ll teach you how they work together to create a genuinely net-zero, eco-friendly home.

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How Geothermal And Solar Work Together

It’s important to note that geothermal heat pumps are extraordinarily stable sources of energy. Geothermal heating & cooling is so steady because it utilizes the very stable temperature that is underground all year round. For this reason, geothermal is an excellent so-called “base-load power source.” These are merely fancy words to say that you can rely on geothermal all the time.

In contrast, solar energy is not stable. If the sun isn’t shining today, you’re not going to get much electricity out of your solar panels. Of course, you can make arrangements to sell extra energy back to your power company & get electricity for free on days when the sun isn’t shining.

However, this works great with geothermal. Geothermal heat pumps will reduce the energy demands on your solar panels. This is because about 50% of your energy demands come from heating & cooling in a traditional home.

With a geothermal unit, it will reduce to below 20%. Because of this, your panels will need less energy, and you’ll be able to sell even more energy to the power companies. Not to mention, geothermal heat pumps also need a small amount of electricity to function. Usually, that would come from non-green energy sources. However, with solar panels, it’s all coming straight from the earth & sun!

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