Geothermal Is A Clean Renewable Energy Source, And Comes With The Best HVAC Systems On The Market!

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How It Works – Conserving Energy

Most people don’t know that while the air temperature on the surface of the earth fluctuates a lot, the temperature under the surface remains fairly consistent all year. Geothermal makes use of this energy, and exchanges the air in your home with the air under the earth’s surface.

This enables efficient and clean energy exchange, and greater comfort in your home! This is always a renewable energy source, because the heat comes from the earths core! It is a literally limitless power source. And the best part: It’s just beneath your feet.

  • When its hot: Your system will remove the heat from your home and dissipate it into the earth via the ground loop. As a result, all that will be left in your home is the cool air. This thermal energy taken from the air in your home will be utilized to warm your water. Consequently, this will even further reduce your utility bills!!

  • When it is cool: The system will remove stored in the earth and circulate it through your ventilation system as warm air. (the same applies to hot water or radiant floor heating.)The system works by using the stored thermal energy within the earth to heat & cool your home.

Although the above is a great start, if you want to learn more about the basics of geothermal we’ll leave this little gem for you to learn more.

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Main Benefits – Is Geothermal Right For You?

The first and foremost benefit of utilizing geothermal in your home is the money you will save. Make no mistake, being environmentally friendly is very important. However, saving money is great as well. In addition, our units is they are the only HVAC units on the market that will pay for themselves. Learn more about how much you can save – check out our savings calculator.

In addition to saving money, you’ll also have far more stable utility bills. Because the power source for geothermal is so constant, as mentioned above, the energy required to power the unit stays the same throughout the year.

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Installation – How It Works On Your Property

  1. New Homes: Construction Build

    • For this type of Install first we size your home. Then we design your air flow system. After that we install your geothermal loop system & new ventilation system. This requires a lot of experience and attention to detail to get right. Most importantly: we have that!

  2. Replace Current Traditional HVAC: Retro-Fit Installs

    • We’ll replace your current unit and install your ground loop no problem! Our customers love the added benefit of no external equipment sitting outside rusting away. Geothermal systems are entirely underground and indoors.

  3. Replace Current Geothermal Units: Change-outs

    • If you’re already using a geothermal system, great! Allow us to replace your older unit with a more efficient one. One can never save too much money on utilities after all, and we’ll typically complete the whole process in 6-8 hours!

If you want to learn more, see our installation page here!

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As shown above, a new system can help anyone save money & be more environmentally friendly. With this in mind please know we are always here to help.  Give us a call or leave us a contact form and we’ll be on or way shortly!

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