Have you ever been curious about what geothermal heating is and how it works? Let’s look in greater detail.

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We humans have been taking advantage of geothermal energy since the Paleolithic era. When was that? A long time ago.

We first started utilizing geothermal heat in hot springs as bathing grounds. That is a fantastic use of geothermal heating if you ask us.

Where Does It Come From?

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Geothermal heat makes use of three different energy sources – these are the makeup of the earth’s internal heat.

The first source is heat from the earths very formation. It also includes energy created from the radioactive decay. Lastly, there is also the solar energy provided from the sun.

This very concept is precisely why geothermal HVAC is so environmentally friendly. It’s one of the biggest and easiest ways to help the planet reach zero-energy status.

We’re also far & away not the only people to use geothermal to heat homes. Even the ancient Romans had geothermal powered space heaters!

How Does It Work?

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As mentioned before geothermal energy has been in use for a long time. Modern methods of geothermal heat pumps (which could serve to heat homes) started around the 1940s since they have been making steady improvements.

The invention of the polybutylene pipe in the late 1970s helped make this invention even more commercially successful. The ground source heat pump system (what home geothermal systems are called) works by transmitting fluid through the installed ground loop system.

The system pumps the fluid through the ground and absorbing the heat as it goes. A compressor then extracts this heat and sent through your home.

It’s the use of the underground loop that is the critical ingredient. In effect, this allows the loop to stay in constant temperatures which dramatically increases efficiency. As a result, you save money! Now isn’t that a great system. That’s what geothermal heating is all about.

How Much Can I Save And How Can ECS Geothermal Help Me?

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A geothermal unit can save you $70,000 on your utility bills over the life of the unit. That’s a huge ROI! It’s something worth looking into, especially if you have a larger home.

Geothermal units also disperse heat more evenly, which makes your entire home more comfortable. Not to mention they also heat your water, so they save you money there as well!

At ECS Geothermal, we’ll walk you through this process step by step. We make it all simple, design you a custom plan and get you the best deal possible. There are also tax deductions & rebates that can save you even more!

We’ll make sure we take full advantage of all the ways to save you money! Just give us a call or submit a contact form and we’d be more than happy to get you a quote and get your unit installed as soon as possible!

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