You Might Imagine An Artificial tree Is the Most Environmentally Friendly Option – But You’d Be Wrong

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It can be hard to know what the best options are for you to have your most eco-friendly holidays. Well today, we’ll help you with one of the most important options: your tree. Choosing the right tree can make a big difference in your footprint this holiday season.

Which Tree & Why

While there are a multitude of reasons real trees are better than artificial trees, highlighted below are the most important & impactful of them all:

  1. Real trees are both biodegradable &  renewable. Artificial trees are made of metals and plastics. Of these, the most important to note is lead. Not only does lead take a long time to degrade, so it sits in a landfill for many years, but it’s also poisonous.

  2. They plant the trees 7 years before they are harvested for use. During this time they do all the lovely environmentally friendly things trees do, such as absorb carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere! This is great for our emissions problems.

  3. For every tree that is harvested 2 or 3 more are planted. That means more good stuff!

  4. Real trees can be made into compost & other useful materials.

  5. These trees also provide protection to wildlife & conserve water by controlling its flow in a natural, helpful way.

If you want to take it one step further, buy from a local tree farm! It helps out your community, and saves the emissions from the bigger companies transporting the trees all over the country. Check out this site to find a local tree farm near you!

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