During The Holiday Season We Produce An Extra One Billion Tons Of Trash Per Week, Help Out By Recycling What You Can!

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It’s the holiday season, but Christmas is over. The question then remains, how do I clean up Christmas & be environmentally friendly at the same time? Of course you can re-use whatever decorations you have, as we covered in another blog here. Let’s instead focus on what goes in the recycle bin and what does not. This can be tricky, and is probably the most common reason people don’t recycle. You, however, don’t need to worry about that this year. We’ll make it easy!

What Should I Recycle?

  1. Gift Wrap: In general you can recycle non-shiny gift wrap & tags. Further, the recycling facility would appreciate you keeping it flat instead of wrapping it into a ball. On the other hand there are certain types you cannot recycle. This includes glossy or shiny gift wrap and foil wrapping paper. Please reuse your ribbons and bows next year! However if you cannot or will not, these need to go in the trash.
  2. Cardboard: You can always put cardboard in your bin or break it down and bring it to a facility. Also it is important to note that wet cardboard is not recyclable. That means you should always try to keep your cardboard inside if it’s going to rain soon.
  3. Broken Holiday Lights: You cannot recycle these on your own. However, there are several places around KC or your local area that will do this for you. All you have to do is bring it there! Help them help you clean up Christmas this year!
  4. Envelopes: You can recycle plain paper envelopes . You should also make sure you remove all stamps/stickers attached to the envelope first. Anything with plastic/bubble wrap in the envelope cannot be recycled.

That covers the big stuff that you may have questions about this holiday season. We hope this helps you clean up Christmas this year! If you would like to see a full list of recyclable materials in KC you can see that here.

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Happy Holidays From The ECS Geothermal Family!

We just want to wish you happy holiday season! We hope you & your family have had a great Christmas, and the best of new years! We’ll see you again in 2019!

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