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We had a couple of helpers for Take your Kid to Work Day. Brett had his son with him for service calls and Geo-Julie had her niece for a few hours in the office.  Start them young!


ECS Geothermal Take your Kids to Work day



Check out our new van! We added a new van to our service fleet!


Check out our new van!



We celebrated Earth Day 2022.


Earth Day 2022


Did you know that Geothermal Heating and Cooling is one of the most earth-friendly home energy sources?

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“Where is ECS Geothermal” We continued our quest to find ECS Geothermal out and about here in KC and beyond!

Send us pictures if you see our trucks, coozies, bags, shirts, signs or anything.

Where is ECS Geothermal


ECS Geothermal – Heating and Cooling with Dirt!


We are the largest geothermal contractor in Kansas City. We are 100% focused on ground source heat pumps – “All We Do Is Geothermal!”

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